5 Secrets To Choosing Wedding Favors To Last A Lifetime by White Almonds

Choosing wedding favors usually involves a hasty, last minute dash to an online store. This means that once the wedding is over, your guests are left with thoughtless trinket, rather than a memorable token of the day. To avoid this common wedding pitfall, we’ve compiled a few tips that will leave your guests feeling special.

1. Theme it!


Remember that your wedding favors are as integral to your wedding as the dress, decor and destination, so it’s important to make sure that they fit in. Planning a beachside wedding? Imagine vibrant hues with tainted lace.

2. Think Practical


Put yourself in your guests’ shoes before you lock in your wedding favors, and try to choose something they are going to use. Monogrammed gifts might sound cute, but are your guests really going to use something that has your initials or wedding date on them? Consider favors that everyone loves, such as scented candles, napkin holders, personalized coasters or miniature perfume bottles.

3. It’s all in the presentation


Consider all the little details and make sure your favors are packaged thoughtfully. Have you planned what color ribbon will go with that wrapping paper? When it comes to favors, there are a hundred little details to think about – personalized notes, gift tags, ribbons and finally, the big one, the display! If the mere thought of it is stressing you out, perhaps consider delegating it to a professional.

4. Budget or Blow Out


Financial planning of your wedding is a stressful, time-consuming affair. While you’re constantly trying to balance the books, you also want to include some, if not everything, that you pinned on your Pinterest wedding inspo board. But, if you must cut corners, try to avoid doing it with the favors – or you’ll run the risk of losing the impact of everything else that you’ve meticulously planned! Remember, there’s nothing worse than a plastic knick-knack destined to gather dust along with the 101 other favors in the back of a drawer. If you have budget constraints, consider edible favors, which won’t break the bank.

5. Make it personal


Setting the date is a momentous event – not just for the happy couple, but for everyone involved in your lives. Adding a few extra-special personalized items to your favor basket for the most important people in your life will make all the difference. Your bestie will adore a keepsake box, decorated with her name and your sister will love a set of coffee cups in her favorite shade of red. For a modern, chic twist, present your guests with favors bearing their very own monogram as a special memento.