Behind the Design: Silsal’s National Day collection

With the UAE’s 45th National Day fast approaching, the Silsal team created a limited-edition collection to celebrate the momentous occasion.

The team were inspired by some of the country’s most celebrated attributes – its vision, heritage and determination.

Today, with a coastline that transcends its natural boundaries and a skyline that pierces well into the clouds, it is easy to forget the UAE’s humble origins.

In 1971, few could imagine what seven Emirates would accomplish together in less than 50 years. Yet, the founding president, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, had a vision of the UAE as a beacon of progress, humanitarianism and virtue.


With the dawn of a new nation came a new flag of red, white, green and black. White represents purity, green stands for prosperity, while black embodies strength and red signifies defeating common enemies. This symbol of unity was the starting point for Silsal’s National Day Collection.


The six Arabic coffee cups and multi-purpose display boxes are adorned with patriotic phrases, such as “Everlasting Glory” and “Prosperity and Radiance”, as well as the opening line of the national anthem, “Long live my nation”.

Silal’s hope is to celebrate the UAE’s timeless traditions and values, which remain the foundation of the country’s greatest successes. Many bonds and friendships have been forged over cups of coffee, an essential hallmark of Emirati heritage.


Meanwhile, the memory boxes will allow the younger generation to preserve newer traditions and experiences; a timeless keepsake to hand on to their children.


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