Reinventing Tableware

Whether you’re playing host to some unexpected guests or desperately trying to plan the perfect holiday party, reimagining and repurposing the items in your house will leave guests wowed with your creativity.

As part of Dubai Design Week, Silsal curated a deliciously interactive installation by repurposing traditional tableware items, such as coffee cups, gravy boats, and tissue boxes; transforming them into flowerpots, crudité vessels and candleholders.

The installation allowed guests to discover new and innovative ways to use traditional tableware items as entertaining essentials. Sleek glass coffee cups were filled with beetroot hummus and crudités so guests could graze at their own leisure, while gravy boats brimmed with white flowers and offered a fresh alternative to your usual vase.

One Arabic coffee cup, five ways
At Silsal we have a huge variety of Arabic coffee cups, from chic glass numbers to colourful statements. With so many gorgeous coffee cups, what’s the point of hiding them away? Dust them off, bring them out and they can be repurposed numerous ways!

Fill them with food, like a dollop of dip and crudités, or chocolate hummus and homemade pretzels, for cute, single servings guests can carry around.


Silsal’s Arabic coffee cups also make the perfect mini-plant pot. Add a touch of soil, a small succulent and voila, a gorgeous leaving gift for guests which doubles as decoration during the party. Keep an eye out for our “5 recipes for your Arabic coffee cup” blog post next week!


Fill a selection with tealight candles and scatter them on tables and windowsills to create an intimate glow.

They also make the perfect storage solution for small dessertspoons, toothpicks and even some salt or pepper!

At the end of the night, revert back to tradition and use them to offer guests a rich coffee for the road.

Forest of flowers

Pretty much any vessel can be repurposed as a vase for some fresh flowers, and we firmly believe one can never have too many. However, the key is ensuring you have a wide selection of vessels of varying heights and sizes, to play up the cool, mix-matched look.


Soup tureens, gravy boats and espresso cups all vary in size and stature, creating a lush and gardenlike feel. To keep it chic, choose flowers of similar colour to uniform the overall look.

Let them eat cake!

Sometimes, when you’re going for dramatic effect, one cake stand simply isn’t enough. At Silsal, we’re fans of the unconventional and the perfect example is our dessert table. With so much other deliciousness going on, the two cakes needed a way to stand out!


What better way than to elevate them to unexpected heights? Stacking decorative boxes, plates and cake stands added so much height to the cakes, no one could deny they were the stars of the show!

Clever Coasters

Never thought of another use for your Silsal coasters? Well, it’s a shame to always hide them with steaming teacups. Let them shine and use them as mini plates for a bite sized amuse bouche or sweet treat.


At Silsal, we also use coasters to decorate (and protect) precious side tables. Just fill the surface of your side table with coasters – you can either mix and match for an eclectic look or, if your party or room has a theme, stick to a couple of shades!


And, there you have it! Some ingenious ways to repurpose the Silsal items you already own and love. Been inspired? To shop any of the items or looks, click below.










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