Back To School: Coffee Calling

“Back to school”: there are few words which cause more dread in the hearts of so many. Well, ready or not, here it comes. The back-to-school routine is all about early morning alarms, hectic breakfasts and last-minute school runs, meaning your morning coffee is normally sidelined. But with all the chaos, it’s more important than ever to get your caffeine fix. Before you curl up into the fetal position and sob, here are a few tips for making the most of your morning brew.

Ice It

If you like iced coffee, then try to make a batch of cold brew the night before. Then in the morning, you can simply pour your chilled beverage into a Silsal Mason Tumbler with some ice, and you’re good to go.


It might be time to flash the cash. Buy a good coffee maker and make sure it has a timer – which means you can synchronize your morning coffee. You can even be stirred by the sweet scent of coffee without even having to step foot out of bed! Just fill up the water and grind the beans the night before and don’t forget to set the timer on the machine to start brewing right before you wake up. So, whether you love cappuccinos, or Americanos are your thing, a good coffee maker will save you time and stress!

Eat Breakfast

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach may cause a drop in blood sugar. To avoid a sudden energy crash, which can be a seriously rough way to start the day, eat breakfast before you enjoy your coffee to avoid the negative impacts of an insulin spike. If you don’t have time to enjoy a full meal before you dive into your espresso, make sure to munch on a small snack while you sip your brew to maintain balanced blood sugar levels.

Got Milk?

If you’re not content with just making a good cup of coffee, and want to indulge in that layer of warm, frothy milk, it might be time to buy a milk frother! It’s super quick, and in roughly 2 to 3 minutes, you’ll have creamy, long-lasting foam. It pours easily, and clean-up is a breeze so you can have your coffee and clean up before your little ones even wake up.

Mindful Coffee

It happens all too often, we’re rushed, we’re distracted, and our precious coffee gets left to go cold. Instead of rushing through this morning ritual, use it as a way to begin your day as you mean to go on – being present, relaxed and mindful. Begin by selecting your favorite mug and as your machine gets to work, or the kettle starts to boil, focus your attention on the noise or smells.

Once your coffee is ready, slowly take a sip, noticing the rich scents and tasting the earthy flavors. Allow your senses come alive slowly. Notice as the coffee warms your mouth, then moves down your throat as you drink. Enjoy each sip without distraction from any of your devices – keep phones and laptops out of the kitchen during this routine. This is your time to do nothing but be present. When thoughts pop into your head, gently re-focus on the experience of drinking, letting them go as you stay in the moment. This will allow you to move into your day sustaining a sense of relaxed awareness. Adding more mindfulness into your day is a subtle yet important shift to make, and it’s easy to do with your morning coffee routine.

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