Home Decor Trends for A/W 2017

As summer winds down and we return from glorious vacations, many of us start looking at our homes as exciting projects! If you’re searching for some great home décor ideas, there’s something for everyone in our preview of Autumn/Winter 2017 trends – they’re chic, inspiring, and (fortunately) don’t require a complete room overhaul.

  • 1. Jewel tones

    Pastel shades of pink and blue might be having their day in the summer sun, but come autumn, it will be all about jewel tones. From emerald green and amethyst to sapphire blue and ruby red, this gorgeous color palette is pure drama, inspired by space, stars and the cosmos.

    You’ll Love:

    The Fairuz Mug

    The Fairuz Tray (L)

    The Fairuz Container (S)

  • 2. Geometrics

    Expect geometric patterns, and lots of them. Whether inspired by the Middle East, Africa or Asia, geometric patterns are back in the spotlight! Think simple lines, block colors and a lot of triangles. Mix and match them with other patterns and styles for an eclectic feel.

    You’ll Love:

    The Ashkaal collection

    The Ashkaal Coasters in Blue

    The Ashkaal Placemat

  • 3. Bronze

    Bronze is the new copper. It’s cherished for its ability to bring gorgeous metallic tones to a space without a high price tag. Go for a muted and warm shade of bronze – it will look amazing against almost any color.

    You’ll Love:

    Bronze Askhaal Candle Holder

    Floral Napkin Rings – Bronze

  • 4. Green

    We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. 2017 is all about green! From lime green to emerald, the hue works throughout the home – whether as a wall color or a rug. If you’re not keen on the idea of using green in large doses, add some gorgeous green accents, like cushion covers or glasses, for an up-to-the minute look.

    You’ll Love:

    Tarateesh Container – Green

    Ghida Tray (L) – Green‏

    Tarateesh Display Tray‏

  • 5. Raw White

    While it may be the season of jewel tones and geometric patterns, there is, as always, a need for balance. Enter raw white. Never heard of it? Think of chalky or bone white. With bold and eclectic design trends comes a need for a calming, pure white. You can expect this one to last – the design world’s love for white will never fade.

    You’ll Love:

    Ghida Vase – Maroon Interior‏

    Ghida Embossed Mug

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