Behind the Collection: Maghrebi Collection


Developed in North Africa and later in Spain, the Maghrebi script’s imperfect bowls and swooping curves weren’t traditionally considered as beautiful or impressive as the likes of Thuluth or Kufic. In the imperfections however, we at Silsal saw a unique beauty.


Our Maghrebi collection celebrates the script, capturing the originality of its irregular lettering – with the distinctive wavering line of its up-stroke and elongated glyphs – which are likened to a chaotic spider’s web.


Where other scripts flow gently into perfectly uniform arcs, Maghrebi pours wild and passionately, like a river spilling its banks; nourishing all those who gaze upon it. In its proud imperfection, it has a depth and soul few scripts can rival. Our embrace of Maghrebi embodies our founding philosophy that there is beauty in everything – if you only dare to look.

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Maghrebi Arabic Coffee Cup‏

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Maroon Espresso Coffee Cup

Maroon Arabic Coffee Cup

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