Behind the Design: Kalimat Collection

Arabic calligraphy, with its undulating, organic shapes and infinite beauty, has long inspired us here at Silsal Design House. While creating the Kalimat collection, we were inspired by the beautifully intertwined Diwani style of calligraphy, which was conceived in the Ottoman Empire during the 16th century. 

SilsalUsing the Diwani calligraphy as a starting point, we deconstructed it, taking a magnifying glass to the individual letters themselves. Standing them alone allows us to show their intricate and elaborate forms, and transforms single letters into pieces of art. It’s a contemporary departure from traditional Diwani calligraphy, which is only written in cursive form, where the letters are joined.


With the Kalimat collection, we also reimagined the flow of calligraphy. Unlike conventional Arabic, which is written from right to left, Kalimat’s words and letters are not bound by direction. Instead, they are carefully curated, in a way that liberates each letter, allowing their unique characteristics to take center stage. This reinvention echoes the history of Arabic script, which has always evolved and been transformed by the various cultures and communities who adopted it.

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