Behind the Design: Tarateesh Collection

At Silsal, we are inspired by beautiful, interesting designs. Calligraphy, particularly Arabic calligraphy, with its elaborate shapes and flowing forms, has always captured our imagination. And while we appreciate seeing calligraphy in grand architecture and expensive works of art, we wanted to create something more accessible, something that can be cherished every day. We wanted to bring this ancient art form into the modern home.

SilsalUsing complex calligraphic shapes, we invented our own unique script for the Tarateesh collection – one that represents our experience, expression and artistic approach. Long exaggerated lines intersect traditional glyphs, urging the reader to reconsider the preconceptions of language by highlighting the symbolism and beauty of each word, and the myriad of meanings behind them.

SilsalThe collection personifies Silsal’s desire to preserve the cultural heritage and artistic practice of calligraphy, which is revered throughout the Middle East, and beyond. Since the 6th century, wherever the script went, a new style of calligraphy was born. It was constantly evolving; being reinvented and transformed by the people and cultures that used it – bent and shaped by varying geography, worldviews and artistic preferences. It’s an approach we at Silsal Design House hold dear.



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