On The Couch: Let’s Talk Sarb

We sit down with Silsal’s Samar Habayeb, and AYA’s Ayah Al Bitar to talk all things Sarb.

“When women support each other, incredible things happen.”

The colorful Sarb Collection is a collaboration between two female-founded design houses, Silsal and AYA – The Art of Living. This month, we sit down with the two founders to learn more about the collection and collaboration.

Where did the idea and inspiration for the Sarb collection come from?

Ayah: The main inspiration for the Sarb collection comes from the beauty of birds. They carry sheer beauty in many representations, whether in their shape, form, or their most unique feature: color.

Samar: Absolutely. Here in the Arabian Peninsula, we’re blessed with such a magnificent natural landscape, and in many ways, birds are the gem in that crown. From the mythical Falcon to the elusive Hoopoe, each bird has something different to tell us about the land they call home.

Why did you choose these six birds?

Ayah: We chose six of the Arabian Peninsula’s most beloved birds – the BulBul, Hoopoe, Falcon, European Goldfinch, Bee-Eater and Rock Pigeon. We wanted to select birds that were familiar to us, and that we encounter at least once in our daily lives.

Describe some of the collection’s key visual elements?

Ayah: There are three main elements that reoccur throughout the collection: the bird motif – either fully colored or outlined; the feather pattern, which was created using one feather from each bird; and striped lines, which symbolise an enclosed space – the birds are always seen outside or above the striped lines to indicate their freedom within nature.

Samar: Overall, the collection strikes the perfect balance between elegance and playfulness. The colors are bold, yet many of the visual elements are delicate, so it captures the duality of modern living.

Can you tell us how this collaboration came about?

Samar: I really value collaborations; they bring a new dimension to a brand’s DNA, and they push Silsal beyond the realms of my own imagination. AYA was such a natural choice, given the synergy between our brand values, as well as my appreciation for the workmanship that goes into every one of their pieces.

Describe the Sarb collection in three words.

Samar: Regal, playful, and bold.

Ayah: Comprehensive, elegant and contemporary.

What is your favorite piece from the collection, and why.

Samar: This is a tough one, but I think the teapot is particularly special. It features a stunning motif of the birds in various stages of flight, which reminds of an architectural frieze, and is finished with 22 Karat gold detail.
Ayah: The set of Espresso Cups! They have so much character and boldness, and each cup speaks to the strength of the bird it represents, which I love!
Discover the full collection here.

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