Reading Corner

Ever wanted to create a cozy reading corner? Food stylist and photographer, Maya Ammous
(AKA @Kitchen Editor) shares her tips on creating the perfect space.

Maya’s Tips:
  • Lighting is key. Make use of natural light if you can and choose a space next to a window, to give a warm and cozy ambience. Add some candles, a floor lamp or a table lamp so you can read even when the sun’s gone down.
  • Choose colors that make you feel happy and calm. I mixed some pastels and neutrals and used blue and pink tones to give life to the gray shades I have in my house.
  • Add fresh flowers and green plants. There are so many benefits of being surrounded by greenery, including reducing noise and stress, cleaning toxins from the air and increasing concentration. On the other hand, flowers bring a pop of color to the area
  • Fill your space with healthy snacks and drinks. Stay hydrated, drink as much water as possible and trade high sugar snacks for healthy wholesome nibbles. I filled my Silsal jar with coconut chips, mixed seeds, raw nuts, raisins and dried apricots and sprinkled them with sea salt.
  • Create a display of your favorite books to remind yourself of how much you enjoyed reading them and encourage you to read more.
  • Pick a comfortable chair and add a footrest or a stool where you stretch out your legs for a more relaxing position.
  • Add a throw, in case you feel a bit chilly, and a small rug to help define the space.
  • Enjoy your new reading corner!

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