Scent-Sational: Candles To Uplift, Calm and Energise

Did you know that scented candles can lift your mood, calm your spirit, and focus your mind? The most powerful of all the senses, scents and smells have the power to influence how the brain functions – and ultimately, how you feel. They can conjure memories, ignite emotions and transform a space.

Certain scents can be extremely beneficial at certain times. That’s why, at Silsal, we’ve focused on creating a collection of candles that will help you live your best life – from scents designed to calm and re-energise, to those which help you sleep and focus.

Find The Perfect Candle For Every Occasion

To De-Stress

Create a calm space with grounding scents like vetiver and jasmine, which are believed to lowering anxiety levels.

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To Increase Focus & Motivation

Pairing refreshing notes like grapefruit or green citrus, with earthy chords of musk and amber, creates a naturally revitalising atmosphere.

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To Aid Sleep

Burn a candle that features lavender or vanilla for feelings of peace and tranquillity – these scents work wonders just before bed.

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To Uplift

To create a mood-boosting atmosphere, uplifting citrus notes like lemon and peach help improve energy levels and reduce anxiety.

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To Relax

Naturally soothing and comforting, fragrances rooted in vanilla and jasmine are perfect for helping you unwind after a stressful day.

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To Bring The Romance

Set the tone for romance with mysterious blends of oud, orange, spicy woods and distinguished florals.

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