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Silsal’s collection with children’s education charity, Room to Read

Celebrating the power of literacy, earlier this year Silsal unveiled its collaboration with Room to Read, a global organisation dedicated to creating a world free from illiteracy and gender inequality. The sweet, limited-edition collection showcases illustrations from a series of Arabic children’s books developed in partnership with Room to Read. It features a colourful trinket dish, scented candle and Arabic coffee cup, adorned with illustrations from some of the non-profit’s original, colourful and culturally diverse children’s book titles. Highlighting Silsal’s shared commitment to promoting education and empowerment across the region, all profits will go to Room to Read’s programming in the Middle East.

Room to Read’s first project in the region began in Jordan, where the organisation worked with local authors, illustrators, and publishers to develop a series of 20 original Arabic language children’s books – distributing 600,000 copies to refugee and local children across the country. The project features work by over 40 local illustrators and authors and three Jordanian publishers to inspire a love and habit of reading among the children of Jordan.

Silsal’s Room to Read collection features illustrations from stories such as A Plane That Brings Love, authored by Wafa T. Qusous and illustrated by Kamil Adil. A Plane That Brings Love tells the story of a young hero called Samer, living in a war-torn country, who decides to stitch together a plan to turn war into love. Meanwhile, The Hen Farida, authored by Huda Al Shaer and illustrated by Sasha Haddad, is the tale of a hen who has a beautiful voice, and wants to learn how to crow like the roosters. But when the other hens tell her she must learn to lay eggs instead, she decides to tread her own path.

For Silsal, the project presents an opportunity to celebrate the magic of books. They bridge divides, bring communities together and empower the next generation. Ultimately, they have the power to change the world.

Silsal’s founder, Samar Habayeb, says she is incredibly proud of the collaboration. “Our future lies in the hands of our children, and theirs lies in the hands of their education. Across the region, there are so many at-risk children without access to the education they need to become the great thinkers of tomorrow. What Room to Read has already done to promote literacy and empowerment across the region is incredible, and we’re so excited to play a small role in helping them take things to the next level.”

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