How To Check Your Breasts For Cancer

Here’s your guide to at-home breast checking, because we should all be doing it.

We’re taking a break from regular content to discuss something really important: breasts. When was the last time you checked yours properly? The likelihood is, probably not that recently. Many of us don’t check regularly enough, and others have never even examined theirs. With breast cancer the most common cancer for women, at-home examinations should be in your to-do list. Not sure where to start? Follow these three simple steps: Look, feel, check.

1. Look
Start your examination by looking at your boobs in a mirror. Look out for painless lumps anywhere on the breast or in the armpit. Once you’re more familiar with your breasts, keep an eye out for any changes in the size or shape. Lift up your arm and look for any signs of the skin pulling or puckering. In addition, take note of any rashes or redness. If you have any of these.

2. Feel
It’s easiest to check your breasts when lying down. Place your arm above your head, and using the opposite hand, use the flats of your fingers (not the tips) to feel for lumps or thickening. Move around the breast methodically in a circle, and don’t forget to check under the armpit and all the way to the collarbone.

3. Check
The more you check yourself the better you’ll know your body, and the more likely you’ll be to notice any changes. So, it’s essential to check yourself regularly and compare how your breasts look and feel. If you do notice a change, or any of the symptoms mentioned above, it’s important to see your doctor. But remember, most breast lumps and pain turn out not to be cancer.

Ladies, don’t forget that early diagnosis significantly increases the chances of successful treatment. So, if you’re not already checking yourself, there’s no time like the present.


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