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Make Your Home A Little Happier With These 6 Simple Tips

As we spend more time at home, it’s clear just how important our home enviroment really is – it can affect our mood, halt productivity and drive us delight or despair. And while scientific studies suggest that making small improvements at home can have a big impact on our happiness, creating a safe haven is easier than you think. Here are a few simple things you can do today, to feel happier at home.

Let There Be Light

The most important thing you can do is flood your space with soothing, uplifting light. Accentuate whatever natural light you already have by rolling up the blinds, tying back the curtains and hanging mirrors to help bounce light around the room. If your home doesn’t get a lot of natural light, it’s time to fake it. Painting spaces with a warm white gives the illusion of sunlight. Just make sure the shade you pick isn’t too cold or grey.


Scent can lift your mood, calm your spirit, and focus your mind. The most powerful of all the senses, smells can actually influence how your brain functions – and ultimately, how you feel. So whether you need to focus, relax or re-energise, scented candles and diffusers can help. If you want to learn more about mood-boosting scents, click here to read our recent blog post on the best scents for every occasion.

Sleep Easy

It might sound simple, but making your bed, can reap serious rewards. Not only does this feel-good task boost productivity, but studies also suggest it can enhance happiness too. Known as a keystone habit, it’s believed to be a catalyst for other good habits which help with structure and routine.

Mother Nature

We all know spending time with nature is good for the soul. So why not bring the outdoors in with a selection of houseplants? Not only will they boost your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity, but they’re also known to reduce stress and fatigue.

To top it all off, they purify and clean the air, absorbing toxins as they produce oxygen. If you’re not exactly green-fingered, select plants which require very little maintenance – like succulents, money trees, ponytail palms, and bamboo, or opt for fresh flowers.


We all have too much stuff. And too much stuff usually turns into clutter – which causes stress, reduces our productivity and is super distracting. Start by evaluating what you have, and donate anything that doesn’t serve its purpose or bring you joy. Once you have streamlined your “stuff”, think about storage solutions to make the most of your space. Invest in organisers, containers, cupboards or shelves, to ensure everything has a place.

Top tip? Spend a few minutes tidying the room before you leave – putting remote controls back on the console, moving the mugs to the kitchen.

Safe Haven

Create a private place where you can relax, unwind and reflect each day. Where this is, will be determined by what makes you relaxed and happy, for some, it could be an armchair surrounded by books and cushions, for others a quiet corner with a yoga mat and candles. Creating a dedicated safe space, means you have somewhere to retreat to when you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed and stressed.

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