Maya Toubia Meets Kunooz

Event stylist and wedding planner, Maya Toubia, shares her secrets to styling our brand new Kunooz collection.

Whether you’re planning an iftar with extended family, or an intimate dinner, a swoon-worthy tablescape is the best mood-setter and conversation starter. Here, event extraordinaire and @mytablebox founder, Maya Toubia shows us how to set your table like a pro. Here, she styles our Ramadan collection, Kunooz, which is inspired by the Silk Road

Layer Up

Maya adds depth and drama by layering matching plates for a look that is rich and cohesive – it works especially well for special occasions. Also, using the same plates for each guest’s setting gives your table a purposeful and refined look.

Added Elegance

While some occasions require little more than a dinner plate and water glass, others call for a little pomp and ceremony. Maya adds drinking glasses, flatware, vases, candles and some beautifully packaged favors, which add a chic sense of occasion.

The Color Story

Maya keeps her table looking sleek and sophisticated by introducing a distinct color theme: blue and gold. She adds gold and blue glassware, as well as gilded flatware, for an effortlessly coordinated look. Then, she finishes the table with some unique gold accents (more on that below).

The Midas Touch

Here, Maya transforms her table into a cabinet of curiosities by adding a little gilded touch to each setting. All you need is a leaf or foliage, and some gold spray paint. Genius, huh? Insert video with spray painting flowers.

Floral Fancy

For a sleek and cohesive look, choose floral displays that give a nod to the overall style and theme of your table. Maya created a dramatic centrepiece using leaves, flowers and branches, which were given her distinctive Midas touch.

Lighten Up

Candlelight always enhances the mood, especially when they’re scented. Maya suggests scattering the candles across the centre of the table, to add a beautiful, subtle glow.

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