On the Couch with Yasmine Albanna

We sit down with stylist and event planner, Yasmine Albanna , to talk Eid hosting, table decor and the perfect party favors.

  1. During Eid, we often find ourselves entertaining more than usual. What are your top 3 tips for creating a table that reflects the occasion?
  2. Whether it’s over Eid or any other special occasion, my main piece of advice is: know your guests. Are they the type that would appreciate a big extravagant setup or something a little more low-key? Think about what they would prefer to eat.

    In terms of decorating a table for Eid, start collecting accessories that could be used over the years. These accessories can also be reused for other occasions to recreate another event.

  3. For those keen to avoid the more traditional or classic Eid aesthetics, how can they create something that feels more contemporary but still references the occasion?
  4. Use neutral colors as the base of your table set up, and then add little pops of color to suit the occasion. For Eid, I like to focus on adding metallic touches in silver and gold, as it’s elegant and classic. I also like to bring in the traditional elements, like the crescent moon, but I do it in subtle and unexpected ways. For example, I used some stunning hand-blown glass jars and sculptures that featured the moon with this table set up to keep it contemporary.

  5. Is it important to have a color theme in mind when you begin planning an event or dinner party?
  6. It’s always good to plan colours and themes ahead of time, so it gives you some peace of mind.

  7. Choosing the right dinnerware and serveware can completely transform a table. What are your top picks for Eid?
  8. I personally love the new Joud collection, as it reflects my simple, minimalistic style and also incorporates my favourite color accent, which is gold. I’m also really drawn to the Sarb collection and think this would make a unique option for Eid.

  9. When serving family-style, how can you set the table to make it feel less casual and more special than traditional family-style dining?
  10. When hosting family-style, I suggest laying out the majority of the food on a separate table, so it’s easy for guests to help themselves. On the main dining table, focus on decorations, some easy-to-pass-around appetizers and dates. Just because you’re serving family-style doesn’t mean you only need to lay out one plate. Keep it classic and lay out a salad, main and dessert plate at each setting. Finish it off with some great quality linen napkins.

  11. Asides from the table, how else can you decorate your home in preparation for Eid?
  12. The sky’s the limit, really. You can change your cushions or adorn the entrance of the home with fairy lights or candles to really welcome guests. For Eid, I also recommend decorating some side tables to reflect the occasion. I like to use coffee cups and pots of fresh coffee so that guests can help themselves. I also add decorative bowls filled with nuts, glass décor, candles and some minimal blooms.

  13. Personally, we love giving our guests a small gift to thank them for joining us. What favors would be on your go-to list?
  14. I have a couple of go-to gifts, including Silsal scented candles. This year, I’ll be using the Joud Tropical Wood Candle . If I have a lot of guests and want something a little more affordable, the colorful coffee cups from the Sarb collection are my favorite. Also, the double-walled teacups are a must. I’ve been using mine for a long time, and the quality is excellent. Plus, they’ll never go out of style.

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