Spill The Tea

Whether you’re looking for a brew to aid sleep or reduce stress, we discover which teas are best for your mind, body and soul.

For Stress

Roobios tea is the perfect antidote to hectic, stress-filled days. A self-care superstar, this caffeine-free brew is packed with antioxidants that help reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone) in your system and regulate blood sugar – win-win.

For an Energy Boost

When it comes to energy, most of us reach for an espresso. But did you know that green tea can give you an energy boost on par with coffee (yeah, you read that right)? It also helps prevent free radical damage and fights nasty viruses, thanks to its super-high antioxidant content.

For Sleep

Those looking to catch up on some beauty sleep should sip on calming chamomile tea before hitting the hay. Thanks to an ingredient known as apigenin, this popular brew soothes and relaxes the nervous system – paving the way for a more restful night’s sleep.

For Nausea

Whether it’s morning sickness or a stomach bug, it’s time to brew a pot of fiery ginger tea. Thanks to its ability to soothe your gut, this time-tested tea has been calming bellies for centuries. It’s also great for improving circulation and relieving period pain.

For Digestion

Thanks to its powerful combination of menthol, menthone and limonene, peppermint tea is believed to aid and promote healthy digestion, as it relaxes the intestinal tract and helps relieve bloating.

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