The Ultimate Guide to Making Matcha At Home

With summer just around the corner for us UAE-ers, there’s nothing we love more than an iced matcha latte to get us going in the morning!

Before learning about matcha, it seemed like quite an intimidating task to do at home. Well…with this recipe, you’ll be whisking your matcha in no time.

P.S. it’s not that hard 🤭

Which matcha should I choose?
It’s important to know not all matcha powders are the same. There are two types of matcha you should familiarize yourself with: culinary matcha and ceremonial matcha.

Culinary matcha is a lower grade matcha that is usually bitter in flavor. If you’re looking for something more affordable, this is your go-to.

Ceremonial matcha is the highest quality grade of matcha there is. This type of matcha is designed to be used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. We recommend going for this.

Whisking your matcha at home

Step 1: Heat water over the stovetop until it is hot to the touch. Make sure your water doesn’t boil.

Step 2: Scoop 1 tsp of matcha and place it into your bowl.
Step 3: Pour hot water into your bowl, just enough to be able to whisk the matcha.

Step 4: Use your bamboo whisk to whisk the matcha until the clumps are gone and it is quite frothy.
Step 5: Add your matcha to your mug with hot or iced water and enjoy! Follow steps 6-8 for a matcha latte.

Step 6: Add your preferred plant based milk to your cup (we love oat milk). You can warm up your milk for a warm matcha latte or add ice cubes for an iced matcha latte.

Step 7: Add the matcha mix to your cup.

Step 8: Add a sweetener of your choice. We recommend going for agave syrup. Stir, sip and enjoy!

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